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Keep your system performance maximized with monthly verifications!

Mid-season verification will make sure you are ready for the hot summer days!

Is your rain sensor working correctly? Don't waste water!

We service all brands of irrigation systems!

Landscape project? We can design to your new landscape!

Making changes? We can work with your contractor to maximize results!

Yes we can fix it!

Repairs after work was done? We do that!

Top service, top quality & top results!

Is your lawn all weeds? We will replace it and add an irrigation system to protect your investment!

Irri-Jet ensures reliability

We can fix all problems on any system!

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Anyone who has a professionally installed automatic sprinkler system will tell you that it is one of the best investments they ever made. An irrigation system saves you time, money and water while ensuring that your lawn and gardens get the perfect amount of water they need to thrive. Property owners like you trust Irri-Jet because we have been designing, selling, installing and servicing quality irrigation systems since 1992. Our experience guarantees that your system will work reliably and at peak efficiency year after year. Our cost-effective irrigation and fertigation solutions will add value to your property without any waste of water or money. Our staff of full-time service professionals can expertly service and optimize all types of irrigation systems, even those originally installed by our competitors.


  • With Irri-Jet’s full suite of services, it has never been easier to enjoy healthy grass, plants and flowers:
  • Design and planning of customized irrigation systems
  • Sales of residential and commercial irrigation solutions
  • Installation with minimal disruption (our modern equipments can even install pipe without digging trenches)
  • Expansion and updating of existing systems
  • Spring startup | Fall compressed-air shutdown and system winterization
  • Routine maintenance and service of all brands of sprinkler systems
  • Troubleshooting diagnostics
  • Repair of all components including underground lines, wiring, sprinkler heads, control valves, backflow preventers, controllers and rain sensors
  • Annual service agreements and monthly inspections